Maintenance, Refurbishment and Repairs of Transformers and Reactors.

Power Transformers & Reactors are among the most high cost and critical equipments maintaining stability and effective working of the power system.

Several methodology and processes are been adapted such as Maintenances, Overhauling Refurbishment, RLA along with periodic check of oil and other parameters. Attending to oil leakages has been also considered a very important factor for extending long life to such critical equipments.

We at VMS SERVICES undertake such orders effectively and have completed up to 125 Power Transformers in 400KV Class

Effective & Periodic Transformer Overhauling, Maintenance and Refurbishments ...

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VMS Services : Work History

Major jobs carried out On Site with case history:

A) Winding Replacement of 400KV 50MVAr Reactor.

  • Replacement of Old windings & processing complete reactor on site
  • Work completed : March 2013 & presently in service

B) Major Repairs of Transformers & Reactors

  • PGCIL - 400KV Ballabgarh S/s Major Repairs
  • PGCIL 400KV Kishenpur S/s Repairs
  • RGPPL – CGL: Vector group Modifications
  • PGCIL 400kv Pithorgarah S/s – Lead Repairs

C) Restoration Projects of transformers & Reactors.

Dismantling and re-erection of failed equipment with a new unit complete with Fire fighting and civil modifications.
  • 400KV Biharsherif S/s PATNA
  • 400KV Ballabgarh S/s Haryana
  • 400KV Balipara S/s ASSAM.


VMS Services : Photo Story

PGCIL Balbgarh 400 KV Substation
400 KV 315 MVA Bhel Make ICT at M/s PGCIL Balbgarh 400 KV Substation
PGCIL Pithoragarah
Internal Inspection and replacing of BOTTOM INSUALTION at PGCIL Pithoragarah
PGCIL Mandola
Major “ ON SITE” repairs of Tank , Snout , HV leads for 400KV 315 MVA Transformer at PGCIL Mandola
Winding Replacment : Washing of core piror to insertion of New Winding at M.s PGCIL 400 KV GHATKESHWAR SUBSTATION , HYDERBAD.
Kishenpur substation, Jammu
Total inspection and Major repairs carried out for 400KV single phase transformer at M/s PGCIL 400kv Kishenpur substation, Jammu.
 TATA Trombay
Overhauling & Refurbuishment of 240 MVA at TATA Trombay.
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